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Melissa Overton

CEO of
Certified John Maxwell Speaker,
Trainer & Coach

Melissa Overton, a prominent CEO and
Educator from and
Illuminated Training, presents the exclusive
strategies to cultivate cross-generational
leadership within organizations. Our
curriculum aims to provide professionals
with an insightful understanding of adult
learning techniques and the contemporary

challenges faced in today’s dynamic post-
pandemic workplace.



Leadership Johnston approached Illuminated Training to increase the impact of its program by
focusing on leadership and professional development.

After reviewing stakeholder assessments, we customized our leadership program as follows:

Plethora of Global
Leadership Best Practices

Exploration of County
Resources and Facilities

C-Suite discussions on
leadership best practices.

Combining these three components with interactive participation, we identified the untapped
potential of each participant which became a direct return on investment to their employers/
stakeholders. One hundred percent of the participants who stated that they could apply lessons
learned to their personal and professional lives.



The original Leadership Johnston program lacked a professional development curriculum
and suffered from decreased interest, so sponsors called on us for a modification. With our
modifications, we demonstrated increased growth and development, as well as a positive
increase in the reputation of the program. The following year, Leadership Johnston welcomed
a peak interest that resulted in achieving full program capacity with a waiting list. Additionally,
Leadership Johnston gained more sponsors & investors support.

The following graph illustrates post course knowledge absorption per survey data.

Due to the overwhelming success of the revised program, Illuminated Training is also in
negotiations with another county to do the same revisions to their leadership program.



The Leadership Johnston County 10-Month Leadership program taught by Melissa
Overton was nothing short of excellent. Her approach as a John Maxwell trainer has
stood out in the information she has presented. I am a proud 2023 graduate and now
an alumni of Leadership Johnston County. Since the completion of this program I
have obtained two promotions from my full-time and part-time jobs. The knowledge
and plethora of information she presented in the course has helped me to become
more confident in my speaking and in my way of thinking around leadership. Thank
you Melissa Overton for the knowledge and wisdom you have presented in this

Shiquita P. Blue, MBA, Ph.D. | Engineering Design Associate
Customer Delivery People Board – Triangle North Representative

I am fortunate to have experienced Melissa’s leadership and coaching skills first-
hand as a participant in the Leadership Johnston 2023 program. She is an energetic,

entertaining, motivating, and captivating instructor. Most employees dread day-long
training sessions, but she makes it fun and empowering. Melissa’s training is not just
eye-opening but practical and easy to implement. She addresses present-day issues
and teaches life-long skills that people of all ages and career-levels greatly benefit
from. Bringing Melissa into your organization is an investment with tremendous

Suzanne Ross, Director
Johnston Community College Small Business Center

I wholeheartedly recommend Melissa Overton as a leadership trainer. Her dedication,
expertise, and ability to inspire change is truly remarkable. What sets Melissa apart
is her commitment to tailoring the program to meet the needs and goals of the
participants. She has an innate ability to communicate leadership concepts in
relatable and actionable ways. The sessions were informative, engaging, inspiring,
and focused on personal growth and tangible results. This training was by far the
most valuable leadership training I have participated in over my 30 years in the

In addition to her expertise in leadership training, Melissa demonstrates exceptional
leadership qualities. She leads by example, in both her professional career and
community involvement, exhibiting the values and principles she teaches. Her
passion for leadership development is contagious, and she has a gift for motivating
others to strive for excellence.

Kay Stephens
Strategic Enterprise Account Executive
Conterra Networks



While speaking on a panel about recruitment and retention of the workforce in January 2020,
Melissa pointed out that with unemployment at 3% or less, today’s workforce is quitting their
job rather than resolving conflict in the workplace. She discussed the need for professional
development training to increase job satisfaction and overall retention of staff.

In July 2020, KS Bank approached Melissa because they heard her speak on the panel. Melissa
was asked to do an undercover client visit to a local branch to evaluate customer engagement
with their front-line staff. After this evaluation, Melissa and key KS Bank leaders reviewed a needs
assessment and designed a customized course called the Customer Connection which was
delivered to all frontline employees in the fall of 2020.

Upon completion of the project, KS Bank performed their annual employee engagement survey
powered by The Emmerich Group. We learned engagement had increased significantly. Based
on this measured success including the self-reports of relatability and usefulness, this training was
expanded to other portions of the bank.

This customized program combined with the support of
their executive leadership cultivated a culture of open
engagement. Staff shared their feedback and took more of
an owner’s perspective as it related to daily operations.

As we evaluated the program, we learned that awareness
of traits & communication had improved. We determined
that we needed more training across the organization,
increasing productivity. The newly customized program,
Busting Silos, was an immediate success. It was designed
to create downstream awareness of organizational
processes to identify how individual work impacted overall
operations. Before we could finish the training, the staff were
implementing their own solutions with executive support.
For example, one participant shared that they had a short
cut to save them 10 minutes on a front-line transaction.

During the training, they learned that their saved time
meant an extra hour of work for the next layer of interaction.
This further showed direct evidence of increased buy-in.



Melissa Overton is an exceptional person and leader. She also is an exceptional
leadership instructor. Through Melissa’s teachings on understanding and
appreciating differences, she has helped our entire bank learn how to work together
better by helping us understand who we are individually and how to interact with
each other. Her knowledge, skill, energy, and presentations are first class! We have
her back time and time again and you should too!

Earl W. Worley, Jr.
President/CEO KS Bank

In a renewed effort to enhance our company culture, KS Bank utilized John Maxwell
certified trainer, Melissa Overton, to provide service and leadership training sessions
for all of our staff, from branch-level employees to senior executives. Melissa’s
enthusiasm and passion for talent and leadership development is evident when you
sit through one of her sessions. She took time to understand the organization and
our needs, then crafted a training program designed to help our staff and leadership
improve their skills to better serve our customers and each other. Through Melissa’s
efforts, KS Bank culture has continued to develop and our sense of community and
support among team members has flourished. If you are looking for a dynamic
trainer with a desire to see people succeed, Melissa Overton is the person for you!

Mike Tidwell, PHR, SHRM-CP
Director of Human Resources, SVP



Carolina Cabinet Company hired Melissa to deliver the Illuminated Training (IT) program. Seven leaders, half seasoned and half newly emerging, participated in a 6-weeks series format. Six of the seven leaders who had all been promoted from within the organization, previously worked with front line employees. The other executive team leader also started as a front-line employee and worked his way up the career ladder. All agreed that they were promoted because of their ability to do a great job in their skill set but also recognized that acquiring leadership skills were the golden ticket to leading at the next level. The cohort recognized Illuminated Training would increase co-worker engagement and productivity.

Each new day of training began by asking employees the lessons learned throughout the week. All participants were able to articulate examples of direct application. One stated, “I enjoyed the training and felt like I learned a lot, but I didn’t think that I would be able to use this information in my supervisor production role. Boy was I wrong. Each week, as we came back to learn more, I was able to share how I had used the previous knowledge that I had learned to better communicate with and manage my team.” He shared a story of how employees got into an argument based on a misunderstanding and bad information. He used the conflict resolution methods taught in class to quickly de-escalate the situation. Drawing upon his newly acquired skills, he also followed up with critical coaching conversations. He provided measurable expectations and mutual respect, confidently managing the situation. His reaction to the event increased his credibility and respect amongst his team.

Melissa Overton was contracted by Wilson Community
College to work with Carolina Cabinet Company



Melissa Overton is amazing. Not only is she wise, knowledgeable, and a fantastic
instructor, she is also funny. She keeps your attention and makes learning easy.
Every class we do with her leaves us yearning for the next one and wanting to learn

Melissa Vandemark
Director of Workforce Development
Wilson Community College

We were fortunate to have Melissa in to lead the Illuminated Training course for
several of our supervisors. The information was extremely relatable and able to be put
into practice immediately. Melissa was able to tailor the class to our specific needs
with a great combination of instruction and team building activities. We’ve already
signed up for additional supervisors to take the course!

Will Webb
Carolina Cabinet Company



Often the first level of leadership in an organization is on the job training and orientation from peer to peer. Usually when people are promoted to a formal leadership role, it is because of their ability to do their job well. Some even feel that promotion is the pinnacle of success and that nothing else is needed but to point and direct their staff. Unfortunately, many have never had any formal leadership training, and most don’t even know that this exists. In the Next Level Leadership Development Series, we begin with basic adult learning concepts and then build and expand on understanding how to communicate and develop buy-in and teamwork. Upon completion of this series, the learners will leave with an increased level of confidence and actual tools that they can use to better lead and influence their team.


Understanding and Appreciating Differences

Today’s workforce is extremely diverse, and all generations are represented in the workplace. This can create a barrier impacting the leaders ability to connect and influence. By exploring Generational Differences, Personality Differences and Unconscious Bias, we examine what factors makeup a person’s behavior. Employees will learn how to use this information to improve communication with each other. Upon completion of this session, participants will not only identify how these factors influence themselves, but also how they impact others and teamwork.


How Adults Think and Learn

The most frustrating moment in a new job is when someone starts orienting you to the workplace
without knowing how you like to learn and without knowing what it is that you know. In this session,
we will explore what makes training adults different from how we would work with children. We
will also explore the different learning style preferences and train people based on their level
of expertise. Determining these few factors can accelerate or greatly slow the learning curve
and assimilation in the new work environment, as we also discuss how to build critical thinking
skills into our onboarding process. Upon completion of this session, you will learn what types of
questions to ask the new employee/co-worker to
ensure a smoother transition into the workplace.


Professionalism Communication and Conflict Resolution

In the previous learning, we explore crucial components of how to connect with a colleague that we are influencing, but that doesn’t mean conflict disappears. With differing points of view and communication styles, conflict will always exist. In this session, we will explore communication and how conflict occurs, as well as the steps for de-escalation. Upon completion of this session, you will be able to determine the common factors that cause conflict as well as the steps for conflict resolution and how to have a critical conversation. This session concludes with several scenarios that are common to the workplace so that you can use this information to consider how you might resolve them in the future.


Optimizing Your Leadership Potential

Explore the dynamics of team formation and how the best organizations in the world engage with their staff to create stronger teams and develop loyalty in the workplace. Using The Five Levels of Leadership as ascribed by John Maxwell, we will discuss how a promotion doesn’t guarantee success. We will also use The Five Languages of Appreciation by Chapman and White to review the five different ways that staff like to be shown appreciation. Next, we will examine how to build great teams and bust silos by increasing communication across divisions of organizations. Learn what you are doing right as a leader, as well as increase awareness of what can be improved to gain loyalty and credibility in your role to impact organizational health.


Leading and Coaching Your Team to Success

Promotions don’t instantly lead to success. As
learned in Core 4, credibility and trust must be
earned. A true challenge is the art of coaching
a team. Whether it’s coaching towards calendar
driven goals or the need to coach an individual
in an event driven circumstance, how the
situation is approached and managed is crucial
to future successes. This session will cover goal
setting and how to deliver feedback in a manner
that enhances productivity and retention.


Well-Being and Resilience

Especially post pandemic, most workers agree that they are beyond exhausted and have become
burned out. Have you noticed the increased call out or the quiet quitting behaviors? The average
annual turnover rate of staff has gone through the roof, and many have left their profession all
together. While examining the concepts of burnout and busyness sickness, participants will be
able to determine whether you are smoking or completely burned out, as well as what happens
to your body due to the intense pressure. But don’t worry, we won’t leave them wondering what
to do next. In this session, they will also learn tips and tactics to enhance resilience. Studies show
that employers who show an interest in the wellbeing of their staff retain them at higher levels.
Healthy employees are engaged employees thus reducing the cost of turnover.


1 DAY, 3 DAY


Three Options Customizable to Your Needs

Choose your option today to train up to 30 employees at a time. Ideal group size is 20.
Each option includes pricing for planning of your program, materials used during the training and a 1 hour meeting to discuss results and feedback.

One Day

This one day training is a general overview of the
Illuminated Training program. It covers the basics
of understanding differences, professionalism
and building communication that leads to better
teamwork and productivity. The complete course can
be done in one day however we recommend the three day or six week course for better information retention within a more guided learn and implement as you go format.

Three Day

This three day training is a comprehensive overview of the Illuminated Training program. Beginning with understanding differences, we identify our own traits and those of the other participants. We interactively explore professionalism, communication and conflict resolution using this renewed understanding. The course rounds out with in depth discussions of team building and how to coach a team to success while building influence and ends with a focus on well being and burnout prevention and how it leads to retention and increased productivity and buy-in.

Six Week High Retention Integration

The six week series of Illuminated Training is a thorough and customized approach to professional
development. The course begins with a self-assessment of knowledge and a discussion
surrounding expectations from the instructor and the participants. Future courses will always
begin with a “lessons learned” sharing of how the information used from the prior education
impacted their interactions. The first day covers understanding and appreciating differences
which allows the group to self-identify and also recognize the similarities and differences of their
peer group. Each week (as shown on the schedule and activities on pages 14 and 15 above) will
layer and build upon the previous education to allow for integration and retention of knowledge
and skills. This white glove experience offers you the highest value, as your course is curated
based on the interactions and just in time coaching moments that evolve from developing a
relationship with your team as we explore the topics together and problem solve in real time.




1 DAY, 3 DAY


Melissa Overton

Melissa Overton is the Founder & CEO of, eastern NC’s first choice for healthcare, safety, and leadership training, First Aid and CPR certification, as well as medical continuing education.

As a graduate of ECU, Melissa gained not only hands-on leadership experience, but also a deeply held commitment to community – creating it and nurturing it. She is a native of North Carolina who understands the dynamics of organizational development and the
importance of connecting.

Melissa Overton has continually proven to be a leader in engaging and high-quality training.

As a Certified John Maxwell Trainer, Speaker, and Coach, born into a family of entrepreneurs, her understanding of human connection and customer service allows her to connect with her audience in relatable ways.

As a past critical care nurse, she understands the need to connect with people where they are in the moment, recognizing their vulnerability while discussing personal issues like change management. A past nurse leader, she understands the world of sensitive information and highly regulated practices. As a small business owner, she understands the importance of
having a leading edge.

Recent Awards and Recognitions include 2019 Triangle East Chamber Small Businessperson of the Year, 2021 Athena Award winner, 2021 Clayton Chamber Innovator of the Year, 2021 Leaving A Legacy Award winner for creation and implementation of LaunchJoCo (program to support local entrepreneurs), 2022 Clayton Chamber Key
Contributor (contributions to leadership and workforce development across Johnston County) and 2022 Leaving a Legacy Award for collaboration and seminar speaker for ElevateHER (women’s professional development event). Melissa also received the 2023 Clayton Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year award for her continued contributions to the Chamber and its Workforce Development initiatives.