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CEO and Educator Melissa Overton with unlocks the secrets to building cross generational leaders within your organization.

Discover The Keys to Becoming an Effective Leader with Melissa Overton of Medical Training Me

Unlock the secrets to developing the next level leader. What can we learn about the adult learning pearls by building a paper airplane? There is a little more to it than meets the eye.

The problem with most adult learning is failure to identify just what type of learner one may be. You may successfully train yourself or another in one task only to be perplexed why no one else “gets it”.  In addition the field is not  barren when it comes to barriers to adult learning.

In todays world we face time constraints, lack of motivation, distractions, and cognitive bias as common workplace challenges. Post pandemic 2023 has pointed the spot light on how crucial leadership training and extended adult learning opportunities are. In order to be an effective leader we must avoid the barriers to critical thinking that are so apparent in todays cross generational work place climate.

These barriers often present themselves as lack of respect for reason, intellectual arrogance, unwillingness to listen, intellectual laziness, and lack of respect for the evidence. These barriers to critical thinking don’t just come out of nowhere within the workplace. They come from disempowering patterns such as giving people the answer and telling them what to do. Ignoring people and doing nothing. Allowing people to fail vs a timely redirection. Celebrating “MacGyver” like bravado instead of using best practices and polices.

Introducing Illuminated Training “Next Level Leadership” A full spectrum interactive e-learning experience to build a Next Level certified leader in just 10 days.

Next Level Leadership

Most people are promoted to a leadership role because of their ability to do their job well.   Some even feel that the promotion is the pinnacle of success and that nothing else is needed but to point and direct their staff.  Unfortunately, many have never had any formal leadership training, and most don’t even know that this exists.  In the Next Level Leadership curriculum,  we will begin with basic adult learning concepts and then build on our understanding of how to communicate and develop buy-in and teamwork.  Upon completion of this curriculum, the learner will leave with an increased level of confidence and actual tools that they can use to better lead and influence their team.

Illuminated Training brought to you by Melissa Overton with has been designed to eliminate these heartburn moments in leadership by going back to the basics.   Beginning with a focus on how adults prefer to learn and building skills that enhance communication and conflict resolution, this program will reinforce well established leadership practices while also examining and discussing how the post pandemic world has caused shifts in workplace best practices and employee demands.


Why Melissa Overton & Next Level Leadership?

Melissa Overton is known for being exceptionally active and truly engaged. Overton founded and manages a healthcare continuing education safety and leadership training company named   She is a trusted leader who puts her whole heart and mind into her activities and ensures all ships rise with her applied compassion, amazing networking and connecting skills.

Before launching, PLLC in 2013, Melissa gained more than 20 years of passionate experience as a critical care nurse and educator. She translated that enthusiasm into lifesaving and life-changing training with classes like CPR/BLS, First Aid, Advanced Life Support. She continued her impact as a certified trainer, speaker, and coach with the John Maxwell Team.  

In 2019, Melissa was recognized as the Triangle East Chamber of Commerce Small Business Person of the Year and was also nominated for the Athena Award.  In 2021, Overton won the Athena Award recognizing her leadership and volunteerism especially in the professional development of other women.  Melissa also recently received the 2021 Innovator of the Year and Leaving a Legacy Awards from the Clayton Chamber of Commerce for her leadership and innovation with the Launch JoCo programs that works with local entrepreneurs on business and leadership development.

Recently, Melissa was awarded the Clayton NC Chamber of Commerce Leaving a Legacy Award for her co-creation of the ElevateHER women’s conference and her speaking contribution.  The Clayton Chamber of Commerce also awarded her with the Key Contributor Award for her contributions to the workforce development programs that she leads and hosts across the county. 

In 2022, Overton, was hired to re-design and lead the Leadership Johnston program that works with leaders across the county over a year to enhance their leadership skills while connecting and networking to the local business community.

The benefits of choosing Illuminated Training include an introduction to a variety of thought leaders and reference material in the convenience of your own setting.  As the program creates “illuminated moments,” you can pause and think on it or rewatch them.   Not only are you gaining a leadership certification, you are also validating common sense leadership principles that have been organized so that you can begin applying them immediately.   With this validation, you are more confident to lead and influence others.  

By choosing our certification program, you are also connecting into our network of influence while expanding yours.

Next Level Leadership Chapter Overview

Chapter 1 - How Adults Learn

Unlock the secrets to developing the next level leader. What can we learn about the adult learning pearls by building a paper airplane? There is a little more to it than meets the eye. In this chapter of Illuminated Training we will master the art of adult learning. Upon completion of this training 90% of learners will verbalize an increased level of knowledge related to: 1.) How learning styles impact training and information retention. 2.) How to identify the level of learning of a new hire and their training needs.

Chapter 2 - Communication Barriers

How to avoid the pitfalls of generational, personality, and other unconscious differences when communicating. There are few things worse than halting workplace productivity due to common archetypal barriers to communication. Illuminated Training chapter 2 will highlight how to effectively communicate beyond the veils of generational and personality differences. Additionally we will learn how to avoid unconscious differences in opinion.

Chapter 3 - Conflict Resolution

Obtain expert level big picture comprehension of conflict resolution strategies. Illuminated Training chapter 3 will dissect the elements of conversation in conflict. Further more we will outline how to communicate in times of crisis and discuss the unique ways conflict can start. Upon course completion most learners will obtain an enhanced ability to solve conflicts.

Chapter 4 - Leadership Legacies

Working towards excellence in leadership. Discover and examine the 5 different ways that people like to be recognized and appreciated. Develop a best practice management strategy. Discuss John Maxwells 5 levels of leadership and review Wickmans stages of team development.

Chapter 5 - Burn Out "Stop Drop and Roll"

Especially post pandemic, most workers agree that they are beyond exhausted and have become burned out. The average annual turnover rate of staff has gone through the roof, and many have left their profession altogether. Upon completion of this session, you will be able to determine whether you are smoking or completely burned out, as well as what happens to your body due to the intense pressure. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you wondering what to do next. In this session, you will also learn tips and tricks of the trade to create and reinforce resilience.

Chapter 6 - Prioritize You

In this session, we dive deeper and learn about a real phenomenon called Busyness Sickness. As we recognize this in ourselves and/or others, we learn how this has become so prevalent. Upon completion of this session, you will not only recognize busyness sickness but leave with the tactics to protect and heal your body, mind and spirit.

Chapter 7 - Busting Silos

Throughout Next Level Leadership Training curriculum, we have explored how people learn and respond in the workplace. You have been learning tips and tactics that allow you to elevate teamwork, as well as your ability to influence your workplace. Often at this point, people think that the journey is complete. In this session, we will explore how departments and divisions called silos impact the organizational health. Using a case study, we will explore how to bust silos and improve communication across entire organizations. Upon completion, you will have the thought processes of how to address this issue in your workplace. Whether you bring us in as a consultant or decide to replicate this process yourself, you will have the framework to take the next step to organizational greatness.

Chapter 8 - Write Your Own Success

In the final chapter of this curriculum, we want to challenge you to decide what’s next. How are you going to translate your learning into action? Upon completion of this session, you will learn and/or reinforce your knowledge of how to set goals that are practical and attainable. We will challenge you to write your goals as we review the materials and then implement them in your workplace.

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Harvard Business review recently discovered that “under the right circumstances, leadership development can have a substantial positive impact on employees and employers.” They further defined that leadership initiatives drive an array of net benefits including reduced stress, greater happiness, purpose and meaning, a clearer sense of self, and a driver of personal growth. 

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The video content of the training is 12 hours long. We encourage you to take your time as you will be quizzed to pass! Proper participation in course activity, handouts, and end of chapter quizzes will take an additional 8 hours. It’s fair to assume total time invested in becoming or creating a certified leader is 20 hours per leader total. 

Yes! All levels of training from personal to corporate are available online in either Illuminated Trainings cloud LMS or a private cloud LMS for corporate clients.

The course is designed for professional leadership enhancement. Anyone can become certified or certify leaders. Current leaders may use this course to build better teams. Individuals may also use the course to improve their own leadership ability.

Our Founder & CEO Melissa Godwin Overton is an effective leader and world class medical trainer. You never really know what she is going to say next!

As a former nurse with 14 years of ER experience, Melissa handled every aspect of the business and classes herself. Today, she has 22 contractors working with her to provide leading-edge and engaging training on a range of topics.

Overton is an international John Maxwell-certified trainer providing customized management and leadership courses as well as delivering keynote and workshop speaking engagements.

To receive nursing professional development hours, requires participants to take part in all of the activity, complete quizzes, and the evaluation in order to receive credit for attendance and the certificate for 10 ANCC Approved Nursing Professional Development Hours.

There are no relevant financial relationships influencing this activity, nor does receive any financial support from other agencies for this educational activity.

Participation in the approved activity does not imply endorsement by or NCNA of any commercial products displayed in conjunction with this activity.

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